Enchanting beauty and stylish luxury awaits you in the six air conditioned grand bedrooms where extraordinary design and novel creativity is the inspiration behind these stylish and elegant rooms. A choice of either Standard or luxury bedrooms are available to choose from,

neither compromising in luxury and comfort.

Emperor Room

Three luxury bedrooms on the third floor are the highlight of this enchanting boutique hotel.

A soft snug bed adorned with crisp white bed-sheets and dazzling bright bed spreads contrasting yet complimenting each other, with a breathtaking view of the majestic Indian Ocean, invites you at first glance. Following the same rusty-feel theme of the hotel, the elegant furnishings add splendor and elegance to the room. Each corner of this spectacular work of art, illustrates its own unique story of style and glamour.

The glamorous attached bathroom not only steals your breath, but also steals the splendor of the room as it boasts its majestic elegance. Its glass walls open to the bedroom offers the same breathtaking view of the glistening blue ocean.

Nothing beats a relaxing bath in the Jacuzzi tub, while enjoying the view of the sun set in the horizon. During the evening hours, as the sun sets, extending its golden rays one last time across the island, giving everything within its reach a golden glow; sitting back and enjoying a glass of wine on the open balcony, is the place to be.


Caesar Room

The charm and elegance of the standard bedrooms in this glamourous boutique hotel do not fall short of the standard of comfort available in the Luxury bedrooms.

The cozy double bed looks regal with its pearl white sheets gleaming in the light, only disturbed by the contrasting yet complimenting bright hued bed spread which not only adds colour but also style to the luxurious piece of furniture which is the centre piece of this elegant room. As in the Luxury bedrooms, the view of the glimmering blue ocean, from the bed is breathtaking.

As each piece of furniture holds its own bit of magic, the room as a whole is a world of untold beauty and splendor. The glass doors slide to offer you a stunning view of the sea in the distance, where seated on one of the chairs in the balcony beside your loved one as you enjoy the glory of nature feels like a piece of heaven.

Equipped with all the facilities of any boutique hotel; tea/coffee corner, 24Hr room service and hot and cold water facilities, these luxurious and enchanting bedrooms give a whole new meaning to the word “perfect”.



Air-conditioned / Attached bathroom / Hot water / Wi-Fi / Satellite TV / Mini Bar

The View

The view from each individual bedroom is unique and breathtaking, as they each offer a magnificent view of the glistening blue ocean in the distance.

Living Space

The living space in all our rooms hold mystical secrets of elegant splendor and unique creativity as each corner of this spectacular work of art, illustrates its own unique story of style and glamour.


The bathrooms at Romans Boast elegance and sophistication, as its sleek white fittings compliment the unique blue textured walls. The spectacular view of the Indian ocean through its glass walls will steal your breath.