Hikkaduwa is well known for being an active town any time of the year, however November- April is said to be its peak season, where people from across the world and even locals visit to enjoy the fabulous beach and catch those big waves before giving themselves away to a night of partying.

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Galle fort maritime museum

A famous attraction being the Galle fort, tours to the Galle maritime museum are very popular in this area. The museum features many ancient artifacts recovered from ship wrecks along the coast, flora and fauna found in the sea, whale and shark structured bones and more. Its many items on display hold interesting tales of ancient times, which couldn’t be better related to you than by the museum tour guides.

Scuba diving

Hikkaduwa is one of the best towns along the Southwest coast for diving. The clear and shallow waters closer to the shore make it ideal even for the beginner. The most intricate formations of coral and spectacular marine life are found further offshore for diving enthusiasts. Four ship wrecks along the waters add to the sights to explore on an entertaining diving expedition.

Glass bottom boats

Unlimited boats are docked by the shore, waiting for guests to hop in for a tour of the sea. The famous coral sanctuary in Hikkaduwa with its intricate coral formations and soft colours is a breathtaking sight, which can be viewed from the Glass bottom boats, which will take you far away into the distance to enjoy the wind in your hair and the feel of the ocean beneath you with the complimentary sights of amazing marine life.

Elephant safari

Elephant safaris in Sri Lanka, are very popular among tourists and locals. Accompanied by a mahout who travels beside the animal, couples or even groups of four can ride atop an elephant along the beach and enjoy the scenery from a completely different angle. A ride on elephant back along the golden shores, with the wind in your face and the spray of the ocean moistening your skin, is a truly unique experience.


Deep sea fishing or simply fishing for sport, you can find the necessary equipment to do both along the coast of this little town. Speed boats and high power boats are available to rent out for a day of fishing. Fishing in these waters is a real treat, and if you’re lucky you could find yourself with a good catch.

Water sports

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